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Westec Equipment International Ltd. manufactures hydraulic drive bow thrusters in a wide variety of materials and sizes to suit the diverse requirements of the marine industry.


Since 1980, we have been continuously updating and revising the bow thrusters we make to improve performance as well as to incorporate the latest technology. The bow thrusters are designed to be rugged and they are manufactured using only the highest quality components in order to ensure that they operate efficiently and trouble-free in highly demanding conditions.


Westec’s bow thrusters from North Vancouver are supplied to customers around the world for all marine environments, ranging from the Arctic to the Tropics. And these customers have commented that the Westec bow thrusters deliver the performance and reliability that they expect.

What Are Bow Thrusters?

Maneuvering a boat or a ship can get difficult during the docking process. That’s where a bow thruster or maneuvering thruster becomes useful. Bow thrusters are propulsion devices that are either built into or retrofitted onto the bow or stern of vessels. They offer a lateral thrust to help move the vessel sideways without using the primary propulsion process, making docking easier.


How Do Bow Thrusters Work?

Bow thrusters get the boat or ship to move laterally using a mechanism that involves the suction and release of water. For maneuvering to the left, the thruster draws in the water on the left side and pushes it out on the right side. The thrust generated by releasing the water through the impellers present on the bow thruster allows captains to turn their ships and vessels without the thrust from the engine or rudder.

Benefits of Bow Thrusters

Listed below are the benefits of installing bow thrusters:

  • Can be operated quite easily
  • Prevents vessels from going off-course during high winds
  • Negates the effects of strong currents during docking, and at sea
  • Eliminates the need for forwarding and backward motion while turning
  • Reduces captain’s reliance on crew members during docking
  • Aids with fishing by helping position the boat appropriately
  • Adds more selling value to boats and ships, ensuring good returns on investment
  • Allows going out to the sea even during rough weather


Mount bow thrusters on your ships and vessels improve the performance at the sea and at the dock. Also, they save costs by reducing the reliance on tugboats during docking. For more information on Westec’s bow thrusters in North Vancouver, get in touch with us.


Westec manufactures bow thrusters in three types of material, steel, aluminum and stainless steel, which meet most requirements. Power is provided by a high-efficiency cartridge-style hydraulic motor. Details of the materials used in the manufacture of the units are as follows:

Steel Bow Thrusters:
Mild steel body with manganese-bronze propeller and end caps

Aluminum Bow Thrusters:
All aluminum construction with stainless steel propeller

Stainless Steel Bow Thrusters:
All stainless steel construction


Download PDF Files

The information you are accessing is in downloadable PDF files.
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 Bow Thruster Specifications

Dimensional Drawings

Download PDF Files

The information you are accessing is in downloadable PDF files.
You may retrieve these documents by clicking the following links:

 18" Bow Thruster Layout

 22" Bow Thruster Layout

26" Bow Thruster Layout

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Fast and Professional Customer Service

With over three decades of experience in designing, fabricating, installing, maintaining and repairing industrial machinery and marine equipment, Westec Equipment International Ltd. has successfully served commercial clients from the marine industry, as well as the local fishing community. We have always focussed on quality, innovation and prompt customer service. As a responsive and professional firm, providing a good customer experience comes at the top of our list of priorities. Our team is ready to listen to you and provide all the assistance and information you may require. You can expect us to understand your exact requirements and deliver accordingly.


Westec Equipment International Ltd.

1514 Bay Street

North Vancouver, BC V7J 1A1

Tel: 604-988-1130


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We serve clients throughout the Lower Mainland of BC, as well as international customers in Korea and China, South and Central America, the USA, and other locations

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