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Westec Equipment International Ltd. produces a wide range of power blocks. Westec blocks are used on all sizes of fishing boats from coastal purse seiners to 2000 ton high seas super seiners operating on oceans and seas around the world.

Since 1980, Westec has manufactured power blocks at their Canadian production facility, constantly innovating, developing new designs and incorporating new technology to meet the tough demands customers require and expect.

First class materials are used in every step of the manufacturing process, and Kayaba Hydrostar radial piston motors power the large blocks while Char-Lynn motors power blocks up to 32". Performance, reliability and toughness are words used by fishermen around the world to describe the Westec power blocks.

56" two-motor power block
 The biggest power block in the Westec line: 56" two-motor block complete with press wheel system


Westec power blocks are constructed from aluminum or steel depending on the size. Smaller blocks are built with cast aluminum side shells and vulcanized aluminum sheaves. The 28" and 32" blocks have vulcanized steel sheaves which experience has shown to be stronger and more durable than aluminum sheaves of this size. The larger blocks are fabricated steel also with vulcanized steel sheaves. Westec has worked to develop a vulcanizing process, which ensures that the rubber on the sheaves lasts long and wears evenly. Furthermore, the 56" and 38" blocks have the option of vulcanized steel sheaves or stainless steel sheaves with replaceable rubber cleats.

Another option that is available for blocks of 32" and larger is a hydraulically activated press wheel system to provide smoother and more efficient handling of the net.


power block drawing


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