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20 Ton and 30 Ton Purse Blocks

Important components required by the international fishing fleet are purse blocks. Westec Equipment International Ltd. has been manufacturing 2 sizes and 3 configurations of purse blocks since the early 1980s: 20 ton open or closed purse blocks and a 30 ton open purse block.

Like all Westec products, the purse blocks have been engineered and designed to work in the most extreme marine environments.

The purse block bodies are cast from high strength alloy steel and the sheaves are cast in a nickel-manganese alloy, which offers not only outstanding strength and durability but also excellent corrosion resistance.

High strength alloy steel shafts, bronze bearing runners, rubber coated oil seals and high quality spherical bearings are the remaining components incorporated into the purse blocks.

Upon final assembly and on-site inspection, all blocks are pull-tested by a registered testing facility and certified with 20 ton or 30 ton safe working loads.

Westec has manufactured and sold hundreds of purse blocks to customers around the world and the Westec blocks have proven their strength and durability by operating trouble-free in many diverse marine conditions.

purse block

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