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Westec Equipment International Ltd. is a second-generation privately-owned company, which is owned and operated by Richard Sikich. Richard has a Diploma of "Technology and Mechanical Design" from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and is a "Certified Fluid Power Technician." Richard has over three decades of direct experience designing, building, installing, troubleshooting, and repairing all forms of machinery and hydraulic equipment.

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Westec Equipment International Ltd. was incorporated in 1999; it is the result of the merger of Westec Equipment Ltd. and its wholly-owned affiliate company Hytac Equipment Ltd. Prior to the merger, both Westec and Hytac had been supplying the commercial marine and fishing industries with a wide variety of high quality machinery, service, and hydraulic systems and components since 1964.

Hytac Equipment Ltd. was the creation of Richard's father, Matthew Sikich, in 1964. Matt's vision was to service the then robust fishing industry and supply both the commercial marine industry and the fishing community worldwide with innovative and reliable equipment and service. To this end he was enormously successful and became known as the innovator and go-to person for both hydraulic systems and equipment.

Westec Equipment Ltd. was created in 1972 to brand Matt's manufactured products and sell them to the fishing and marine industries around the world. The Westec brand continues to enjoy the reputation of innovation and reliability in service in countless applications worldwide.

Westec Equipment International Ltd. and Richard Sikich continue to deliver on Matt's personal and corporate philosophy: "If it is worth building, build it well."

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