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In the early 1980s, Westec made a bold step by entering the highly competitive market to manufacture and supply tuna winches for tuna seiners around the world. Since then, Westec has built and supplied winches for customers in Italy, Spain, The Philippines, The American South Pacific Fleet and many others. When it comes to fishing winches, Westec has just what you need.

The original Westec tuna winch was the three drum TW 864, which incorporated all three drums in a single frame. The winch was a success, and all six which were originally manufactured are still in service.

The Westec line of winches has expanded to include winches for smaller seiners, which have two drums: one main drum and a split drum for the bow and towlines, which can be operated independently.

The three drum winches, for the large seiners, are individually designed to suit the specific requirements of each customer in regards to dimensions, configuration and ratios to optimize performance relative to deck space and available power. Some have been manufactured with each drum in a separate frame or the tow and bow drums in one frame with the main drum housed in a separate frame. Of course, other arrangements are possible.

Westec manufactures a capstan-style pursing winch, which is very popular with customers in Central America and The Philippines. This particular winch incorporates simple yet effective technology, which delivers performance as well as reliability. Three warping heads, two 12" and one 10", running off a main shaft provide the pulling power of this style of winch. Westec offers this winch in both starboard and portside configurations. The compact design of the winch allows the customer to mount the unit in the most convenient and effective location. Furthermore, like all Westec products, these winches can be easily modified to suit your specific requirements.

Westec has the flexibility and expertise to design and build the winch that will best suit your needs and serve you efficiently for many years in the future.

Westec 8063 three drum tuna
 Westec 8063 three drum tuna winch with new control console visible in the background



Westec understands the extremely demanding environments and conditions that these ships work in, and as such, the Westec line of tuna winches are designed and built to meet and exceed the requirements. Every component is manufactured using only high quality materials and designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

High-strength alloy and forged steels as well as materials such as aviation standard aluminum-nickel-bronze are employed to ensure that strength and stress requirements are exceeded.

Power is supplied by up to six Hydrostar radial piston motors, which are noted for their outstanding power, performance and reliability and transferred to the drums through Westec designed and manufactured multi-disc clutches.

Westec has worked closely with engineers from SKF, a world leader in bearing technology, to ensure that the best and most efficient bearings are incorporated into every design.

Cable spooling on the winches is fully automatic. The system is driven by high-strength silent chain with the spooling carriages running on a hardened stainless steel diamond screw and stainless steel guide bars. The rollers are also case hardened to provide strength and durability.

To slow the winches, Westec uses water-cooled disc brakes because of their efficiency, reliability and rugged construction. The smaller winches have manual handwheel-activated friction brakes.

The capstan-style pursing winches are built with performance and durability in mind. The housing is fabricated steel, which is galvanized to resist corrosion. The three warping heads are cast from high-strength alloy steel for superior strength and working life and then finished with marine grade coatings. A high torque Hydrostar motor powers the unit in order to provide excellent efficiency and powerful line pull. The shaft and gears are made from alloy steel and the high oil capacity keeps the moving parts well lubricated to minimize wear. An efficient ratchet gear and pawl system is utilized as a brake to hold the warping heads in place when required.





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Capstan style Pursing Winch


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