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When it comes to fish pumps, Westec Equipment International manufactures one of the best and most widely used fish pumps on the market. Westec introduced its pump in 1980, and since then it has proven to be a strong performer whether it is pumping roe herring, squid, mackerel or sardines.

The Westec pump is a hydraulically driven centrifugal style system: the impeller draws product and water up through the foot valve into the volute and then through the transfer and dewatering systems.

The Westec fish pump is being used by fishermen around the world, on both coasts of North America, in Russia, in the Philippines, in Japan, in Panama as well as other locations, and they are known for their efficiency, reliability and toughness in all of these diverse environments.

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Westec pumps are constructed of high quality cast aluminum with the motor enclosed in a casing of machined aluminum, which both provide durability and excellent corrosion resistance in all marine environments.

A cartridge-style hydraulic motor provides the power, which drives the impeller through a high strength alloy steel shaft. The bearing is a double roller unit, which provides smooth operation, strength and long life.





Get in touch with us if you require reliable and efficient fish pumps in North Vancouver, the Lower Mainland or internationally. We also manufacture winches and hydraulic pump drives for all your fishing needs.

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