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Like anchor windlasses and winches, Westec has been building mooring capstans since it entered the market in the early 1980s. And like these products the Westec mooring capstans are a high quality product designed with the most up-to-date technology and built with a long history of manufacturing expertise. The capstans, which Westec manufactured in the past were designed and manufactured based on the requirements specified by various past customers. Capstans have been built with direct drive systems and also with planetary drives. Furthermore, the designs easily measured up to the certification standards of Lloyds, the American Bureau of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas AS. No matter what size may be required, Westec will custom design, manufacture and deliver a capstan to meet both the certification requirements as well as the performance and reliability criteria which customers expect

mooring capstan
 Aft mooring capstan on the B.C. Ferries Corporation's 'S' Class Superferry – note controls in the foreground



Besides power, one of the most crucial parts of a mooring capstan is the warping head. Westec mooring capstans are all fitted with warping heads cast from high quality alloy steel. Because of the wide variety of sizes customers have ordered, Westec has a large stock of patterns on hand which can be cast quickly to meet tight delivery schedules. However, if a special size is required, Westec will design and manufacture whatever is needed to suit your specifications. In regards to power, Westec usually includes Hydrostar radial piston hydraulic motors into their designs because of their performance and reliability, but other power arrangements can easily be incorporated as required.


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