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Westec has manufactured both anchor windlasses and anchor winches since it started supplying machinery to the commercial marine and fishing industries in the early 1980s. The result of this long history of designing and manufacturing windlasses and winches is that the customer receives a high quality product from a company with a proven record of manufacturing expertise. Furthermore, Westec has always incorporated new technology into its designs to give the customer the most up-to-date machinery. Proof of Westec's success can be seen in the impressive list of customers who have called on Westec to build windlasses and winches to suit their specific requirements, and also to measure up to the strict certification standards of Lloyds, The American Bureau of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas AS.

Because every customer has specific requirements, Westec custom designs the windlasses and most winches rather than offering standard products. The Engineering Department uses the latest computer design programs in order to quickly design the machinery the customer needs and then offer it at a competitive price.

In addition to the windlasses and winches, Westec designs and manufactures the other components that are usually required to complete the anchor handling package such as roller chain stoppers for windlasses and bow rollers for winches.

40 mm Double Anchor Windlass
 The 40 mm double anchor windlass with warping heads delivered to the Mauritius Navy. Note chain stoppers in the foreground.



As mentioned above, every windlass and most winches are designed and built to specific requirements and so it is only possible to give a general outline of the materials and components Westec incorporates into their designs.

Windlasses are built with steel frames and gearboxes, either galvanized or finished with marine grade coatings for corrosion resistance. Gears and shafts are made of alloy steel for strength and reliability. Power is usually provided by Hydrostar radial piston hydraulic motors, but Westec has built windlasses with other types of hydraulic and electrical motors depending on specific customer and/or certification requirements. Warping heads, if required, are made from high quality cast alloy steel for strength and durability in the harshest marine conditions. For windlasses, Westec uses manually operated friction style brakes for ease of operation, efficiency and reliability.


Winch construction varies depending on specifications. However, Westec produces 2 standard anchor winches from aluminum or steel, an AW3030 unit and an AW3034 unit. Both of these models have all galvanized steel construction but the AW3030 is also available with an aluminum frame. For these units, power is supplied by Char-Lynn hydraulic motors. Alloy steel and type 316 stainless steel are used for the gears and shafts respectively. If warping heads are needed, the customer has the option of choosing aluminum, bronze or alloy steel in order to meet their requirements. Many of Westec's past customers have required winches with more strength than units with aluminum frames can provide and for these customers Westec has custom designed many large winches. These units are constructed of steel and then galvanized and the internal components are made from the same high quality materials used in the standard winches. Power for these larger units is provided by Hydrostar motors. Similar to windlasses, manually operated friction style brakes are utilized on the winches. However, if automatic brakes are required, Westec will incorporate them into the design.



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