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Westec manufactures a wide range of hydraulic pump drives to suit many configurations and applications. Westec manufactures a 6-hole hydraulic pump drive which can easily take up to 1000 horsepower at the shaft and is designed to power up to 3 double and 3 triple hydraulic pumps to supply high flows required to power many types of large deck machinery. For quality hydraulic pumps, contact Westec today!

For example, Westec uses 6-hole pump drives to provide the hydraulic power for the main fishing winches, which have been built for many international customers. The pump drive gearbox is made of high-quality ductile iron and incorporates a main shaft, input gear and drive gears of case hardened alloy steel which provide excellent strength and durability. Heavy-duty ball and spherical bearings are incorporated into the design to ensure smooth operation and a long working life. All 6-hole hydraulic pump drives come complete with a Westec manufactured SAE # 0 bell housing and a rubber block style coupling. This high strength coupling easily transfers the high torque and power from the engine shaft to the pump drive unit. Of course, Westec can also incorporate other types of couplings or clutches into their pump drives, which will suit your requirements and applications.

Westec also manufactures 4-hole and 3-hole hydraulic pump drives. These units are manufactured with the same high quality components used in the 6-hole pump drives. With these units it is possible to power single, double or triple pumps. Many choices and options are also available with these units in order to meet your specific requirements. You can order these units with Westec designed and manufactured SAE # 1, # 2 or # 3 bell housings. The 3-hole and 4-hole pump drives utilize a clutch rather than a rubber block style coupling and so 2 standard options are available from Westec: a Twin-Disc mechanical clutch or an Eaton pneumatic clutch. If the air clutch option is chosen the 4-hole and 3-hole pump drives effectively become 3-hole and 2-hole pump drives respectively.

Similar to all Westec products, hydraulic pump drives can be specially designed and modified to fit any special requirements that you may have.

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