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At Westec Equipment International Ltd, our welding and fabrication expertise is utilized throughout the manufacturing and the remanufacturing work we perform for our clientele. Our team has full fabricating and welding capabilities in North Vancouver, including SMAW, MIG and TIG. The materials we work with include steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

We at Westec Equipment International Ltd understand the importance of metal welding in industries. Whether your business is in the metal, construction, aviation or automobile industry, we offer quality at competitive prices. In addition to this, we provide reliable welding services to our clients in the industrial, marine and fishing industries in North Vancouver and the surrounding region.

We use modern technology for better and safe results. Hire our technicians from Westec Equipment International for services for welding in North Vancouver, and we will decide which method is best suited for your project based on your requirements.


our WELDING Process

Westec Equipment International Ltd has been working towards offering the utmost satisfaction to our customers in their welding requirements in North Vancouver since 1999. We also have a combined experience of more than five decades in supplying high-quality welded machinery and hydraulic systems.

With a large warehouse and huge inventory of tools and equipment, we can carry out sizeable jobs for welding in North Vancouver without much trouble. To provide you with quality metal fabrication services, Westec Equipment International Ltd has divided the welding process into three phases:


Design: Our team will first work on the layout and design of the metal product you require, ensuring you are 100% satisfied before fabrication begins.


Fabrication: After planning and laying out the design, we proceed to fabrication. Here, we get down to the actual construction and development of the part you require. With our high-quality equipment and experienced professionals, Westec Equipment International Ltd can provide you with quality fabricated parts. 


Quality assurance: During the quality assurance phase, we ensure that we provide you with goods that uphold the industrial division's standard and quality. 


Our well-experienced team knows how to bring customized solutions to the table for your specific needs. Reach out to one of our professionals today to gather more information.



Fabrication and welding are essential factors in new construction and restoration projects for industrial and residential buildings. Any project will run smoothly with professional fabrication and welding services. Our team at Westec Equipment International Ltd provides superior quality fabrication services for our industrial and residential clients.


Residential Fabrication and Welding in North Vancouver

Metal and steel fabrication has gained a reputation in the residential sector. Whether you are building a new home, furnishing or renovating your existing property, Custom metal fabrication will almost certainly be required. Our residential fabrication services are instrumental in providing a solid base for many houses in the North Vancouver area. We are skilled in providing you with refined and well-fabricated metal products. Our team has helped our clients make home construction faster and reduce project costs.


Industrial Fabrication and Welding in North Vancouver

If you manage an industrial establishment, you know how important it is to get the right parts on time. Our team of skilled metalworkers uses a blowtorch to infuse two or more metal parts together to create a single and sturdy metal component. No matter what ideas you have in mind for your industrial projects, we have the right team and expertise to ensure your products are fabricated properly, creating a long, lasting product. With decades of experience backing our workmanship, you can rest assured that Westec Equipment International Ltd can bring your ideas to life!

Whether you need metal fabrication services for obtaining oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting or metal forming, we can provide you with those services and deliver the required products to you promptly.


Why Choose Us

A substantial portion of our work requires detailed welding and fabrication, and Westec Equipment International Ltd has excelled in executing these disciplines. The products we produce are robust, precisely built, and perform exceptionally well for our customers.

Over the years, we have provided high-quality welding services across North Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians are highly experienced and possess strong technical skills. You can trust our expertise if you need welding services for your upcoming project.



Contact Us Today

Westec Equipment International Ltd is a second-generation firm. Our team has been serving the North Vancouver area since 1999 and provided services to fishing, marine and industrial clients. 

Talk to our experienced team members to learn more about our fabricating and welding services in North Vancouver.


If you require skilled and professional welding services in North Vancouver, Westec Equipment International Ltd is the one you should trust!


Westec Equipment International Ltd.

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We serve clients throughout the Lower Mainland of BC, as well as international customers in Korea and China, South and Central America, the USA, and other locations

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